Data Backup and Recovery

Data Backup and RecoveryEmergency Data Recovery Services

If your business depends on your data, you should backup. A reliable backup solution will protect your data from hard drive failure, file corruption, accidental or intentional deletion, or on-site disaster such as fire or flood.

Why should I backup?

The ability to recover your files in face of data loss can mean the difference between staying in business and having to close your doors.

Tape vs. Disk vs. Online Backups


For a long time, tape has been the most common method of backup for large data volumes. Tapes have been a relatively inexpensive way to store large amounts of data, and they can be rotated on a scheduled basis.

A problem with this method, however, is the complication of tape management and the cost of tape archiving, off-siting, and replacement.


The falling price of disk space has led to many companies implementing disk-based backups. External USB drives are a quick way to implement this solution. In the event of data loss or corruption, this method is a great way to recover your files.

Unfortunately, the most overlooked drawback to this method is that most businesses that backup to disk usually don't store a copy of the data off-site. In the event of a disaster, your files probably won't be recoverable.

Online Backups

Online backups are a fairly new method of backing up your data. In addition to an easy setup and management, online backups store your data off-site for maximum recoverability under any circumstances. Your data is safe from corruption, deletion, or disaster.

Endecom provides full service online backup solutions for your business. We will install, configure, monitor, and maintain your online backup solution. Please contact us for more information.

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