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Leaska Construction Co: The Leaska family has been building homes throughout Connecticut for many years. The unique tastes and styles of each individual homebuyer is reflected in every new home they build.

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Leaska Construction Co.

Hisco Pump South: We worked with Business Link Technologies to develop this website for the Florida office of Hisco Pump Inc., a Connecticut-based industrial pump repair and replacement company.

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Hisco Pump South

DVDJ Unique: Unique has broken into the national circuit and is performing at some of the most prestigious venues around the country. We developed this website to help him keep in touch with a growing community of fans.

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DVDJ Unique

Business Link Technologies, LLC: Because they provide services very similar to ours, we often work with Business Link Technologies for many of our projects. We were happy to help them out with a redesign of their website.

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Business Link Technologies

Farmington Men's Softball: In addition to being a team sponsor, Endecom donates hosting and development services for this softball league. We manage and maintain statistics and standings throughout the softball season.

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Farmington Men's Softball

Colleen Perron, Artist: Colleen is a local artist who will be using her website to display and sell her artwork, and to keep her family and friends up to date with new projects.

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Colleen Perron, Artist

Double J Digital Photography: Offering portrait photography, Double J Digital asked us to develop their website to allow them to showcase their work and to help attract new clients.

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Double J Digital Photography

Fit Behavior: This personal fitness center redeveloped their website to increase brand awareness and provide a forum for members to learn about ongoing trends in health and fitness.

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Fit Behavior

Dan Roulier, Builder: Dan and his team build custom homes in northern Connecticut and southern Massachusetts. We redesigned their website to better reflect the quality and care that is put into each home they build.

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Dan Roulier, Builder

Vision Windows, LLC: We recently posted the website for this Connecticut-based replacement window company. They provide windows for new construction and existing buildings and homes.

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Vision Windows, LLC

Sandra Downie Beauty: Sandra offers makeup and beauty services. This site was developed to show her work, allowing potential clients to view her portfolios and request her services.

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Sandra Downie Beauty

Ben Ancona Jr: When Ben released his first gospel album, we developed this website to help spread the word about his music and to allow his fans to purchase the album through his website.

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Ben Ancona Jr.

Pino Enterprises, Inc: This application development company in Pennsylvania came to us for creating their Internet presence to show potential customers how Pino Enterprises can streamline their workflow and save them money.

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Pino Enterprises

Worthington Pond Farm and Gardens: We developed this website to showcase their breathtaking wedding facility in Somers, CT. Proceeds from both weddings and corporate events are used to fund community programs for less fortunate children.

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Worthington Pond Farm and Gardens

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